Explore The New Dimension of Learning with Melzo Guru

Melzo Guru is a Digital Learning Management designed to help students, teachers, guardians in simplifying the learning and teaching experiences.

3 Step Process

Interact, Explore, and Immerse


Interact with finest innovative solutions to ease the learning process


Explore comprehensive 3d educational video as per NCERT guideline


Immerse in highly engaging educational video

Rich Interactive 3D Experiences

  • Immersive 3D Experiences will aid teachers to teach intricate concepts with more simplicity.

  • Teachers can demonstrate complex designs, models, prototypes in Augmented Reality to make students grasp and remember concepts for a lifetime.

VR Labs

  • Teachers can conduct live demonstrations of science experiments with the help of 3d Model.

  • A teacher can illustrate the complicated topics with mote comprehension.

  • Get the students to understand the complex world of science


Pre Recorded Educational Content

Thousands of pre-recorded videos have been uploaded on the portal to ease the learning process and add excitement to the learning process

Last-minute revision with Revision Bot

  • Students can revise concepts with the help of an AI-Powered Talkbot.

  • This one-to-one practice session helps building students' confidence.

All-In-One Test Paper

  • Online Tests for students

  • Question banks including NCERT, Exemplars, Previous Year Board Questions and Additional Important Questions and many more for teachers


Rights Skills and Development

  • AR and VR helps building a strong skillset.

  • It influences students to have greater skills for development of the country.

Bundle of Knowledge

  • Students garner knowledge in a short period of time.

  • Paces up students' learning abilities



Purposefully designed with the latest features

Customized Question bank with Lakhs of Questions

Melzo has designed customized question banks to aid teachers to prepare their own set of questions in a short period of time. Installed more than lakhs of NCERT based questions which will entail all the previous years’ based question paper, mock test paper, and customized blueprints.

Predesigned Online/ Offline Test Paper

Melzo has developed a 24/7 online/offline test paper generator where teachers can conduct tests instantly. At the same time, Students can participate in online test papers at any time and place.

High Tech VR Labs

Virtual Reality Labs are curated to help teachers with immersive virtual science experiments where they can ease the learning process, manage and conduct the science experiment without any stress and tension.

Detailed Perfomance Analytics

Detailed Performance analytics can provide students access to the effective intepretation of their performance in respective subjects. With this pedagogy, they can improve their score test in the subjects and teachers can keep track of student performances.

Doubt solving Bot

Solve your doubts with an AI-generated talkbot, one can get instant performance clarity on various subjects.

3D Experiences

3d model will provide access with a complete virtual demonstration of the educational video content which was not given before in the conventional means of learning.

Revision Bot

AI-Powered Multi-lingual Talk Bot would enthuse the students by undertaking practice sessions with them.

Extensive Video Library

Pre-Recorded Video Library will provide students access to educational video contents which is a mandatory equipment keeping in mind the present needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Students will have access to Lakhs of Questions specially designed with accordance to NCERT, where they can get detailed solutions with different approaches.

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